Old-new and authentic. Museum and Place of Remembrance of Jewish Berlin

The Centrum Judaicum was reopened in 1995 after a seven-year reconstruction phase. Today the iconic building is a Berlin landmark, a museum and once again the seat of the Jewish Community of Berlin – and an internationally renowned place of remembrance. The permanent exhibition “Tuet auf die Pforten” (“Door to the Gates”) on the history of the New Synagogue and its people as well as the temporary exhibitions tell Berlin and German-Jewish history as reflected in this authentic place and its architecture: from the Emancipation Era with its atmosphere of awakening and hope, from acculturation and German-Jewish self-image, from the abuse of the Jewish buildings by the Nazi state, from persecution and murder, and from the reconstruction of the communities in East and West. Our archive, one of the most important on German Jewry, also secures the prerequisites for remembrance, while the radiance, but also the scars of the historical building allow a special form of commemoration. In exhibitions, events, and specific educational programs, we convey the diversity of Jewish cultures and identities as part of Berlin. The presence of contemporary Jewish life in the same building also predestines us in a special way to connect past and present and to act as a bridge between Jewish and non-Jewish urban communities.  

Timeline Berlin

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