“Norderney Jew-free”

Excerpt from a letter from the Norderney municipal council to the district president in Aurich, dated September 23, 1933: „… The attitude towards the Jews has caused Norderney tremendous damage. Thousands of German guests who used to come here for spa treatments have stayed away from the island because of the unbearable number of Jews. […]

Inauguration of the Norderney Synagogue

The Jewish community of Norderney was not an independent synagogue community, but rather a branch community from Norden. It did, however, have its own synagogue, which was used primarily by Jewish bathing guests staying here. In connection with the business opportunities of a bathing resort, Jewish families also settled on the island from the mid-nineteenth […]

„Jewish bathing resort“ Norderney

Around 1850, Abraham von der Wall, a butcher from Norden, settled in Norderney and opened a kosher butcher’s shop and restaurant. He was followed by other Jewish butchers and restaurant owners, as well as numerous merchants and hoteliers.  Even before the First World War, Norderney was considered an affluent “Jewish bathing resort,” while anti-Semitism emanated […]

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