Pogroms on the island of Norderney

During the pogrom of November 1938, seven Jewish residents of the island were taken from their homes by SA men and detained for a day, being “displayed” in a public square. In a Jewish store that had been closed since 1936, the windows were smashed and the shop furnishings demolished; the warehouse was confiscated and carted off by the NSV (National Socialist People’s Welfare). The apartments of Jewish citizens were spared. The synagogue building, in which no worship service had taken place since 1933, had already been sold in July 1938 by Provincial Rabbi Blum to a businessman who used it as storage space; as a result, no fire was set. At the turn of the year 1938/39, the last Jewish residents—with the exception of two Jewish women living in “mixed marriages”—left the island. 

Timeline Norderney

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