The community remained strong

After a difficult phase of internal renewal within the Jewish community, Max Privorozki took over as president of the community in February 1999. He represents the interests of the community in the city and is Chairman of the State Association of Jewish Communities in Saxony-Anhalt, which is a member of the Central Council of Jews […]

Destruction of the Halle synagogue

The exclusion, persecution, and expulsion of the Jewish community in Halle began even before the National Socialists seized power. Days before the “Reich-wide” boycott, Jewish stores, practices, and apartments were already being destroyed and looted here.  Whereas, before 1933, many Jews in Halle often only visited the synagogue on high holidays, it now once again […]

Expansion of the synagogue

In the nineteenth century, due to the economic upswing, the city became increasingly attractive for immigrants, including the settlement of Jewish citizens. When, in 1890, Halle, with a population of roughly 100,000, joined the ranks of the major German cities, 660 Jews were already living here. Within a very short time, the number of congregation […]

The first own rabbi in Halle

The nineteenth century in Halle was also marked by economic upswing. The railroad connection in July 1840, sugar beet processing, the increasing use of brown coal, and local economic planning on the part of Halle’s merchants initially ensured a gradual economic upswing for the city, which then took off in leaps and bounds in the […]

Temporary right as a citizen

In 1806, Halle was the first city in the Kingdom of Prussia to be occupied by Napoleon’s French troops. As a result, the city—now called “Departement der Saale, District Halle”—came under the rule of the Kingdom of Westphalia, whose constitution was valid from then on. For the Jews of Halle, this meant a considerable improvement […]

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