The “House of Industrial Form” in the former synagogue

From 1960 to 1979—the period of the Wirtschaftswunder or “economic miracle”—the City of Essen exhibited chairs, fabrics, and lamps at the so-called “House of Industrial Form.” The women’s gallery and the Torah roll shrine are torn down and a false ceiling inserted, so that the cupola was no longer visible. A part of the city’s population was not satisfied with this and wished instead to establish a memorial. There were fierce debates in the press in Essen. The Essen Society for Christian-Jewish Cooperation strove to give the building a sacred character again. 

The entire interior of the synagogue is now used for secular purposes: the building, which was once imposing for its purpose, is now based on the clear design language of modern furnishings and the secular design requirements of the time. Clear lines and rectangular shapes, minimalist furniture and lighting concepts dominate the image.

Timeline Essen

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