Opening of the exhibition at the Goethe Institute in Hong Kong

Seven Places. For a year now, Seven Places in Germany has shown not only the catastrophe of National Socialism and the destruction of Jewish life in Germany, but also its resurrection and the culture of remembrance to this day. Now Seven Places is taking the step from the digital world into reality and will also open as a real exhibition at the Goethe-Institut in Hong Kong on November 10th.

To honor this special event, a concert took place: Pursued Music with the Echospore Ensemble of the Cologne/Wuppertal University of Music and Dance. You can also take part here in the stream.

The ensemble and the pieces performed show once again: Even if the fate of the composers was dramatic, music always celebrates life. The artistic direction lies with Prof. Dr. Florence Millet, the international ensemble plays compositions by Vitėslava Kaprálová, Viktor Ullmann, Pavel Haas, Anton Dvorak, Erwin Schulhoff, Mieczyslaw Weinberg, Maria Herz, Gideon Klein, Ilse Weber and Alexander Zemlinsky – all of whom were ostracized as human beings by the Nazis and put up for performance forbidden. The concert was made possible by the Lichterfeld Foundation.

Concert by the ECHOSPORE Ensemble of the Cologne/Wuppertal University of Music and Dance in the Center for Persecuted Arts on the occasion of the expansion of the online exhibition Seven Places. Seven places in Germany around Hong Kong.

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