The pogrom night in Hamm on Sieg

Above the entrance of the synagogue of Hamm, which was consecrated in 1894, there was a blessing on a white marble plaque saying: “The Lord will protect your coming and going.”

On the night of November 9th, 1938, the Jewish house of worship was set on fire by the National Socialists. In the early morning the roof finally collapsed in on itself and only rubble remained. The usable remains of the brick walls were removed.

During the night, the Jewish families in Hamm were threatened and mistreated by the SA, SS and party members, their homes and shops were devastated, and tombstones in the Jewish cemetery were smashed. The Jewish men were arrested and taken to Dachau. As a result, the last families left Hamm on Sieg, so that the town was considered “Jew-free” as early as the spring of 1939.

Timeline Rosbach/Sieg

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