Solingen gets an education institution and memorial center 

In early 2019, the “Arbeitskreis Verfolgung und Widerstand in Solingen 1933–1945” (Working Group Persecution and Resistance in Solingen 1933–1945) campaigned for the establishment of an educational institution and memorial center at the site of the former newspaper Bergische Arbeiterstimme and the scene of the murder of Max Leven in the pogrom night. This is where the Stadtsparkasse Solingen plans to build its new headquarters by 2023. 

After the working group had brought together more than 120 interested parties from all areas of the city society for a discussion at a “round table” on May 4, 2019, the Stadtsparkasse decided on May 24, 2019 to make space available in its new building for an educational institution and memorial center—albeit without the preservation of historic buildings. In September 2019, the city council of Solingen unanimously decided to take on sponsorship of the facility. 

On September 18, 2019 the association “Max Leven Center Solingen” was founded with the aim of supporting the city of Solingen in the establishment and operation of the educational institution and memorial center as a cooperation partner. The center is intended to be an authentic place of information and discussion, of scholarly and socio-political examination of history and the present, and of meeting the victims of nationalism, exclusion, and persecution and their descendants. 

Timeline Solingen

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