Kichka. Life Is a Cartoon

In the late summer of 2018, the documentary film of the MOCAK and the Center for Persecuted Arts, Kichka. Life Is a Cartoon, was premiered in the competition of the Montreal World Film Festival in Canada. Its world premiere had already taken place in Brussels in March 2018, in the presence of the Kichka family.

The German-Polish co-production focuses on the post-Holocaust relationship between father and son Kichka. Henri, the father, is a victim and contemporary witness of the Holocaust. Michel, the son, has been waiting for explanations since his childhood. The trauma of the Shoah determines the lives of all family members. Despite or perhaps because of the oppressive subject matter, the documentary is full of lightness, affection, and hope.

Trailer 1 „Kichka. Life is a cartoon“
Trailer 2 „Kichka. Life is a cartoon“

Timeline Statements

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